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Sampling Coffee Processing, take one: City Roast


I picked up the Sweet Marias El Salvador Manzano Process Experiment set which features coffee which was split after being harvested the same day and then wet, pulp, or natural processed.  I was interested to see for myself what impact processing would have.

These coffees were roasted in my Behmor to a city roast-just to the end of first crack-on 1/23 and sampled (informally cupped) tonight, 1/27. The batch size was one-third of a pound-to allow for later, darker roasts-and the yield was 128 grams.


I prepared the coffee cupping style, but with only one sample each, and took some tasting notes, but didn’t score the coffees. I did not pick up any notable differences in the dry fragrance.


Sample 1: Wet Process

The first impression is apricot, then a nutty flavor. I could pick some crisp apple flavors that Tom noted in his review as it cools. This coffee will probably improve with a darker roast.


Sample 2: Pulp Natural

I liked this one the best in this trial, and when my Wife asked for some coffee, I Clevered her up a cup, which she enjoyed.

Initial notes were cherry, stone fruits and it became pleasantly tart and almost wine-like as it cooled.


Sample 3: Dry Process

I liked this full natural over the wet process, but not quite as much as the pulped cup. I picked up dark fruit, plum.

The pulp and full natural process coffees were fairly similar and both differed the most from the wet processed coffee. The natural processing seemed to emphasize juicier fruits but lose some of the nutty notes.

Overall, this was a fun way to work on trading and cupping.


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