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MyPressi Twist Case

I use the MyPressi Twist at work for espresso, and I take it with me when I want to pull espresso at a friends house and plan to take it camping with me.  I didn’t think that the included bag afforded enough protection and I got tired of loading up the original cardboard box, so I was on the lookout for a case.  When a Harbor Freight Tools opened up next to one of my favorite coffee roasters, I decided to go in for a look, and I found a small case that’s just about perfect for the twist here (Item number 69316 36870 11-1/2″ x 7-1/2″ x 4-1/2″ padded aluminum case in case the link changes).

I ordered some recycled electronic foam from eBay and hacked out a basic form to come up with the case below.  I’ve got enough foam so that I can change the layout, I’m thinking of including a small coffee container and losing some of the N20 cylinders if I do.

The grinder shown is the Kyocera CM-45 CF.

Update:  I pulled out the Twist and foam and just loaded it up with coffee for recent trips using the Aeropress and Coava Coffee Disk (#008).  This worked great and an added bonus was that it fit tightly into my carry-on leaving just a little less room for clothing.  The travel mug shown works well as an improvised pouring kettle and I stuff it and the Aeropress with coffee to maximize the carrying capacity.  I think I’ll be buying a second case so I can have one dedicated to the Twist and the other carry the coffee, cups, etc.

Update again:  I ordered a Lido 2 from Orphan Espresso and with the catch cup removed and the grinder in a neoprene wine sack, it just fits in the old coffee case.


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