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Monthly Archives: February 2012

HCR Cafe

Handsome Coffee Roasters opened their cafe today in Los Angeles and I was lucky enough to be able to stop by for a coffee on my way home.


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Portola Coffee Lab

I visited Portola Coffee Lab in Orange County yesterday and was very impressed with all the brew methods available, baristas in lab coats, and the wide selection of coffee gadgets and books for sale.

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Two Levers

When I scored my Gaggia Factory G106 manual lever, the FE-AR La Peppina was put in the garage.  This was for practical matters like not having enough room on the counter and also wanting to devote my time to learning how to use the manual Gaggia and work on texturing and pouring milk (still need a lot of work there) but it was never intended to be for as long as it’s been.  I’d intended to refinish a sideboard to make a home for both machines, but that project keeps getting bumped down on the priority list and it’s been about eight months since I’ve last used the La Peppina.

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