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HCR Cafe

Handsome Coffee Roasters opened their cafe today in Los Angeles and I was lucky enough to be able to stop by for a coffee on my way home.


I’m familiar with HCR from their social media launch and was also lucky enough to be part of the “first forty” where I received their pre-production roasts while they were working things out and starting up.  I could see even in these early roasts that I like their roast style emphasizing clean, sweet flavors.  Eventually, a local coffee shop started carrying HCR coffee too, another lucky break.


The offering at HCR is simple:  coffee.  They have espresso, coffee with milk, and cold coffee with milk behind the bar and no sweetener in sight.  I took a Fisticuffs Espresso and a Rwanda for myself, two iced coffees with milk and a Colombia with milk for the family.

The coffee was great, sweet and clean and my wife even eschewed sweetener in her iced coffee and enjoyed it, a definite win.  I snuck out to my car to guiltily add sweetener to the kids drinks.


I’m on my way home now and I wish the HCR team the best of luck on their great new cafe.


One response to “HCR Cafe

  1. Dave Borton (@BoldJava) February 26, 2012 at 3:27 pm

    Chris, While I respect their coffee expertise, I don’t share their disdain for folks who sweeten their drinks. Too snobbish for me.


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