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Iced Coffee Season ~ Aeropress edition

As Twitter and other social media has been reminding me, it’s iced coffee season again.  whether that means cold process, coffee with milk, ca phe sua da (vietnamese iced coffee) with condensed milk, or hot brewed coffee over ice (like I like it) it’s time to get your cold coffee on.

Inspired by all the mentions, I brewed up a small cup of my recent roast of a Kenya AA Mutwewathi in the Aeropress.  It’s been a while since I brewed AP cold coffee and I normally brew the AP in an inverted method (with the Able Brewing Disk) so I was a bit chagrined when the coffee started dripping through the paper filter before I’d stirred it, but it still turned out nice, if a bit underextracted.  Enjoy the season.  My starting point recipe follows the pictures.  I favor the bright coffees from Africa like a good Kenya or Ethiopia for the hot brew methods.

Single-Serve Iced Aeropress
14 g coffee
100 g water
70 g ice (~3 ice cubes)


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