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Two Levers

When I scored my Gaggia Factory G106 manual lever, the FE-AR La Peppina was put in the garage.  This was for practical matters like not having enough room on the counter and also wanting to devote my time to learning how to use the manual Gaggia and work on texturing and pouring milk (still need a lot of work there) but it was never intended to be for as long as it’s been.  I’d intended to refinish a sideboard to make a home for both machines, but that project keeps getting bumped down on the priority list and it’s been about eight months since I’ve last used the La Peppina.

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MyPressi Twist Case

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Liquid Amber Tasting

This post is an evaluation of different roasts of Sweet Maria’s Liquid Amber blend.  For those who are not familiar with this blend, it’s a mix of green coffee beans that includes robusta and monsooned beans, it’s strong enough to cut through milk, has lots of crema and the robusta and monsooned beans give it a little pleasant funkiness.

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Twist vs. Pod

March 4, 2011:  We moved upstairs this week at work, and because the new kitchen area isn’t plumbed in there’s no running water or sink so management provisioned the kitchen area with a Nespresso ES-100 Pro pod monster to fulfill our coffee needs. This is, no doubt, an upgrade from the coffee setup downstairs, but not exactly my idea of a good solution for personal coffee.

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