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Portola Coffee Lab

I visited Portola Coffee Lab in Orange County yesterday and was very impressed with all the brew methods available, baristas in lab coats, and the wide selection of coffee gadgets and books for sale.

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Flavor Analogs a Crutch?


Recent forum discussions have me thinking about describing coffee with flavor analogs such as blueberry, chocolate, bergamot, etc. and when I picked up some fresh starfruit and was struggling to find flavor analogs for the fruit (celery, grapefruit) but missing the mark.

Further reflection leads me to believe that people who know starfruit probably just say it tastes like starfruit.  Are flavor analogs a crutch holding us back from knowing what a wet process caturra or a natural bourbon tastes like and really knowing the factors that affect the cup?

I know I’ve got a long way to go myself in this.

Sampling Coffee Processing, take one: City Roast


I picked up the Sweet Marias El Salvador Manzano Process Experiment set which features coffee which was split after being harvested the same day and then wet, pulp, or natural processed.  I was interested to see for myself what impact processing would have.

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